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Smartcom PCS accuses BellSouth in Chile of disloyal competition

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina-Mobile operator Smartcom PCS, owned by Endesa of Spain, sued BellSouth through the Chilean government’s Antimonopoly Resolution Commission on the grounds of disloyal competition.

This suit is based on BellSouth now offering a plan for users of mobiles who change from other services to BellSouth. The plan consists of supplying a new terminal with a fixed number of minutes per month and is making a major impact among Smartcom’s prepaid subscribers, 4,000 of whom have already shifted to BellSouth.

This accusation is a new chapter in the dispute between the two companies, which started at the beginning of this year with BellSouth suing Smartcom through the National Economics Prosecution Office. At the time, BellSouth argued Smartom’s Revolution 1000 Plan, which gave 1,000 free minutes at a cost of US$25 per month, could not be profitable for a company.



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