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New Product Releases: April-May 2002

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Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
introduced several new handsets, including the T61d, T600,
T300 and T200

  • The T61d is the first Sony Ericsson-branded
    TDMA handset. It features a five-way joystick, large display, 3.75 hours of
    talk time, 225 hours of standby time and interchangeable faceplates. It will
    be available in the third quarter.
  • The T600 is a tri-band GSM phone with text messaging and picture and sound
    capabilities. Available in the third quarter, the T600 also supports 1.5-5 hours
    of talk time, 80-180 hours of standby time, and comes in silver, blue or gold.

  • The T300 also is a tri-band GSM
    handset, but it has a large color screen, polyphonic ring tones, and supports
    the CommuniCam MCA-25 digital snap-on camera accessory. The camera makes it
    possible to send pictures as short messages or e-mails, save them as screen
    savers or browse them as thumbnails in the phone book. Sony Ericsson said there
    will also be classic Atari games available for the T300. It features 6-7.5 hours
    of talk time and 300-500 hours of standby time. It will be available in the
    fourth quarter.

  • The T200 tri-band GSM/GPRS handset
    has a WAP 1.2.1 browser, five games, 13 hours of talk time, up to 220 hours
    of standby time and messaging capability. It comes in black or blue. It will
    be available this quarter.

    Sony Ericsson also announced the P800, a multimedia phone launched in March,
    will feature extendable memory through Memory Stick Duo, which gives the device
    16 Megabits of additional memory. The P800 will be on the market in the third


    Siemens launched the C55,
    a mobile phone that plays and downloads polyphonic ring tones and records
    . The phone also has advanced messaging services, wireless Java
    and a range of CLIPit Covers in different designs. The polyphonic sound feature
    has a total of 16 chords.



    Ericsson introduced its cdma2000
    1X macro radio base station 1130, an addition to its cdma2000 radio access
    network product portfolio
    . It delivers both multi-carrier support and
    increased capacity in a compact enclosure, the company said. Ericsson also
    unveiled a new tool for its TEMS cdma2000 portfolio. The TEMS DriveTester,
    a real-time measurement tool, locates trouble spots in cdma2000 networks.
    Other products in the TEMS portfolio include the TEMS Indoor, TEMS cdmaPlanner,
    TEMS Investigation CDMA, TEMS DeskCat and TEMS cdmaTransporter.

    Lucent Technologies

    Lucent said its cdma2000
    1xEV-DO equipment, including base station and core network hardware and software
    is now commercially available. The equipment is designed to initially support
    providers using 1900 MHz spectrum. 1x EV-DO is a data-optimized evolution
    of cdma2000 1x technology. Lucent is making available the Flexent radio network
    controller that performs call processing and implements the packet control


    Samsung said it completed development
    of an EV-DO mobile phone with high-quality TFT-LCD that
    can reproduce 260,000 different color shades
    . The phone can send and
    receive data at up to 2.4 Megabits per second. The phone uses a streaming
    format to support video on demand and audio on demand. Users can receive a
    variety of color moving content, such as music videos, Internet broadcasts,
    animated films and news reports. Samsung also released the SCH-X590 with color
    display and embedded charge-coupled device camera. The embedded digital camera
    can rotate 180 degrees to take pictures from any angle. The phone can store
    up to 100 photos in its memory, and users can search an image archive of six
    images at a time.



    Am-Beo, provider of rating and
    revenue chain management solutions for next-generation services, has released
    its Roam Manager, designed to handle TAP 3.9 transactions
    for inter-carrier roaming
    . The product offers support for General Packet
    Radio Service (GPRS) and value-added services. The software reconciles and
    collects revenue among operators with roaming customers.

    Bluefish and Zaryba

    Bluefish Technology and Zaryba
    partnered to introduce a mobile payment solution called
    Zaryba TopUP
    . The system enables prepaid users to refill their prepaid
    accounts directly from their handsets and offers a method of recharging while
    roaming. The system is enabled through the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
    using either SIMToolkit or SIM Browser technology offering a simple menu-driven


    U.K.-based Cerebrus Solutions launched
    RoamAssure, a product to combat roaming revenue leakage,
    including mobile fraud
    . The company i
    s a spin-off of Nortel Networks.
    The product allows mobile operators to identify and respond quickly to fraudulent
    activity by making roaming users’ activities visible to the home mobile network
    in near real time. In addition
    to fraud, the product addresses credit control,
    bad debt avoidance and timely billing. RoamAssure is available worldwide.



    Sony announced that it will launch
    a new storage device for mobile handsets, as
    well as portable music players, in July. Sony has been providing Memory Stick.
    The new storage device would be one-third the size of the conventional Memory
    Stick and a half the weight of the conventional one. Sony has shipped 20 million
    units of Memory Stick since 1998. Memory Stick-enabled machines and devices
    have been increasing. Sony is targeting to ship 120 million units of Memory
    Stick by 2004.

    Thin Multimedia

    U.S.-based Thin Multimedia made
    available the Thin Video Alert mobile broadcasting system,
    which allows users to receive breaking news reports and additional time-sensitive
    video clips in real time. SK Telecom in Korea launched the service, branded
    NateAir, in early March. The system allows users to select the information
    they would like pushed to their mobile phones. When an alert is sent, the
    user receives a message indicating there is a new video clip waiting, and
    a touch of a button begins the video download.


    Atsana Semiconductor said it has
    introduced a programmable media processor for video
    camera-enabled phones and WiFi Web cameras
    . “Atsana’s unique technology
    enables handset designers to deliver a low battery drain and low cost camera-enabled
    handset design, while providing full programmability to support any application,”
    said Simon Morris, vice president of product management at Atsana.


    Starent Networks

    Starent released the Starent
    ST16 intelligent mobile gateway designed to deliver data and voice services
    As a gateway between a wireless network and core Internet Protocol (IP) network,
    the system addresses mobile network issues, including multimedia service delivery,
    mobility, high capacity, enhanced billing, reliability and a migration path
    to an all-IP network, the company said.



    SchlumbergerSema and Compaq Computer
    jointly launched a customer care and billing solution
    that integrates advanced Storage Area Networks (SAN) technology
    , which
    offers mobile operators higher storage capacity and greater scalability in
    managing next-generation data applications. SAN technology allocates storage
    on an as-needed basis to application servers providing quick backup and restore
    capabilities with minimal interruption, which according to the companies,
    ultimately reduces operator costs and increases return on investment.

    8hertz Technologies

    Germany company 8hertz Technologies
    released a Web-based VoiceXML application, the 8hertz Voice Dialog Editor.
    The product, using Voxpilot’s pan-European Voice XML VSP, offers an easy-to-use
    Web-based graphical interface for rapid voice application
    development in multiple languages
    , the company said. Using a personal
    account and a national telephone number, users can have unlimited free application
    development and immediate testing and can upload their owns sound samples
    to automatically integrate into an application.


    Comverse announced Instant
    Communications Solution (ICS), which enables mobile instant messaging
    The application uses presence-related subscriber information to introduce
    a range of smart instant voice messaging and group messaging services. The
    application allows subscribers to easily initiate a variety of instant voice
    and text-based services with knowledge of the presence of the intended audience.



    London-based Red-M announced a
    new in-building mobile voice strategy and roadmap
    that it believes will reduce call costs, lower voice infrastructure costs
    and improve employee productivity. According to Red-M, the solution integrates
    voice into Genos wirelessware and a new category of Bluetooth voice and data
    access point (VDAP). Genos allows Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth cordless
    telephony profile (CTP)-enabled handsets to use this same wireless network
    infrastructure in making and receiving calls in the office. According to Simon
    Gawne, vice-president and co-founder, Genos can save companies up to 25 percent
    of mobile call costs and up to 40 percent of infrastructure costs by using
    an in-building mobile voice infrastructure that uses mobile handsets.


    Finnish company Flander introduced
    a Bluetooth-compatible Infrared Mobile Accessory
    (IRMA). The pocket-size wireless device connects Bluetooth-enabled mobile
    phones and personal digital assistants with a data projector, turning handheld
    devices into presentation tools. The product enables PowerPoint slides to
    be stored and showed in handheld devices with a data projector.


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