Cushcraft Corp. introduced a personal communications services dual polarized single patch antenna. The S2407HVP provides for reception and transmission of both vertically and horizontally polarized signals in the 2400-2500 MHz frequency band. The antenna consists of a single broadband microstrip patch, which provides a minimum of 6.5 dBi gain with a nominal 48 by 58 degree half-power beamwidth. The company also introduced a PCS linearly polarized single patch antenna. The S1858P provides for reception and transmission of linear polarized signals in the 1850-1990 MHz frequency band. (603) 627-7877.

Ikon Office Solutions released an updated version of its Wireless Messaging Server supporting Microsoft Corp.’s Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0. The Wireless Messaging Server provides wireless paging, wireless e-mail and other wireless services to users of the Windows 95-based Microsoft Exchange client software. The product integrates local area networks, wide area networks, intranets and the Internet. (800) 842-8395.

Joslyn Electronic Systems Co. was granted a patent for its Surge Protection Condition Monitoring System. The system provides the user with the ability to determine percent of protection remaining in each transient voltage surge suppression module. Monitoring can be done visually or via remote dial-up modem over telephone lines. Information such as power quality, outages and as many as four environmental site alarms are accessible with the product. (800) 968-3551.

Metricom Inc. added enhancements to its Ricochet family of products. Ricochet products provide wireless access to the Internet, company local area networks and intranets, e-mail and other online services. Enhancements include longer battery life, a desktop modem for fixed-location uses, a new dial-in access service for out of coverage use, Web site and Web hosting, a personal Internet start page and a choose-your-own service plan. In addition, Metricom signed a letter of intent with Yahoo!, an Internet navigation guide, to provide subscribers with information about stocks, sports and headline news. (800) G0-Wireless.

Motorola Inc.’s Worldwide Data Solutions Division introduced an addition to its total wireless data solutions portfolio. The Mobile Workstation 520 is a ruggedized, three-piece unit consisting of a keyboard, a CPU unit with a 120 MHz Pentium processor and a large monochrome VGA display. An optional integrated modem enables mobile workers to access a variety of computers and databases via Motorola’s 800 MHz Private DataTac networks. The Mobile Workstation 520 also can be connected to an external radio modem to support MDC and RD-LAP in other radio frequency bands, public data networks such as Ardis, Cellular Digital Packet Data and RAM Mobile Data as well as Motorola’s Astro and integrated Digital Enhanced Network platforms. (800) 247-2346.

T-Netix Inc. said it plans to release its software development kit that will allow systems integrators, value-added developers and independent software vendors to create speaker verification applications based on the T-Netix SpeakEZ Voice Print software technology. The SpeakEZ Voice Print SDK will conform to the new industry standard Speaker Verification Applications Programmer’s Interface, said the company. (303) 494-5472.

Unwired Planet Inc. announced it will make available the Handheld Device Transport Protocol, which enables cellular, personal communications services and paging networks to provide Internet information access from standard handheld devices. Code Division Multiple Access, Time Division Multiple Access and Global System for Mobile communications networks all can provide Internet-based value added services to subscribers using HDTP, said the company. HDTP incorporates encryption algorithms for secure transactions. (415) 596-5225.

DataRadio Corp. announced its Vislink product line for public safety applications. The product includes all software, hardware and related engineering and implementation services. The PS2000 and PS2001 include some of the most frequently used and requested mobile data communications features including NLETS/NCIC database access, status indication, free-form messaging and e-mail. The PS2000 provides a standard set of pre-formatted inquiry forms that enable officers to check tag, driver and stolen vehicle information for in- and out-of-state drivers. (770) 392-0002.


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