Audiovox Communications Corp. will introduce three new phones at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas. Its 800/900 MHz combination phone, the ACT-900, acts as both a cellular phone and a cordless phone. Features of the ACT-900 include 120 minutes of talk time and 31 hours of standby time, one touch emergency dialing, 75 alphanumeric memory locations with alpha search, last number redial, keypad lock, a variety of ring tones and other cellular and cordless features. The company also will introduce the CDM-2000, a Code Division Multiple Access dual-mode cellular phone which features 140 minutes of digital talk time or 85 minutes of analog talk time and 22 hours of digital standby time or 10.5 hours of analog standby. Finally, the company will introduce an addition to its Minivox family of cellular phones, the MVX-440 and MVX-470 phones. The phones feature 140 minutes of talk time and 31 hours of standby time, one touch programmable emergency dialing, constant battery life indicator, last three number redial memory and analog authentication. (516) 233-3300.

Oki Telecom Inc. added the 1430 portable cellular phone to its line of Advanced Mobile Phone Service/Narrowband AMPS authenticatible cellular phones. The 1430 has a 4 x 12 dot matrix display with on-screen programming, dedicated emergency key, three number assignment modules and 90 memory locations which store both names and numbers. Accessories including extended life Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, vehicle power adapters, rapid charger kit and leather carrying case also are available for the phone. (770) 995-9800.

Radiax, a cable-based multiservice antenna system for the healthcare market, was introduced by Andrew Corp. The system is an in-building wireless communications system that uses a single backbone antenna system which supports multiple frequencies. Radiax cables enable continuous radio frequency coverage because energy is radiated along its entire length, unlike point-source antennas that radiate energy from a single location, the company said. The resulting coverage is more uniform, eliminating hot spots and reducing shadowing or blocking from metal and concrete objects. (800) 255-1479, extension 214.

Ora Electronics announced the new Exerciser battery and Charging Cradle power source, charger and cradle. The battery is a Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery with a built-in conditioner that exercises the battery to eliminate memory effect, the company said. Memory effect, which results in reduced capability, happens when NiCd batteries are charged repeatedly before they are fully discharged. The Exerciser battery is available for use with Motorola Inc.’s Micro TAC series and Motorola Flare personal communications services handsets. Ora’s Charging Cradle can fast charge NiCd and NiMH batteries in two hours. While in the cradle, the phone remains operational and will ring when there is an incoming call. (818) 772-2700.

RF Connectors developed two new series of connectors for semi-rigid cables. The Rear-mount N Female bulkhead connectors are available to accommodate .086, .141 and .250 cables. SMA plugs, bulkhead jacks and 2-hole and 4-hole panel mount jacks are available for .086 and .141 cables. The connectors feature teflon insulation, gold contact and nickel or gold plating. (800) 233-1728.

Spot Image Corp. and Istar released United States and worldwide mapping products for wireless communications systems planning. The mapping databases provide network engineers access to current geographic information including satellite imagery, three-dimensional digital elevation models, transportation and clutter/morphology databases. The program, called HotSpots, includes pre-packaged, multilevel map databases for more than 400 cities worldwide. In the United States, the package sizes are based on existing basic trading areas, while the databases cover urban and regional areas for the rest of the world. (703) 715-3100.

EDR Telecom will release its fourth quarter 1996 edition of the PCS-ScoreKeeper in interactive CD-ROM format. The Scorekeeper features “Map-link” for telescopic focus on maps from national to county level, hypertext functionality and full-color printing capability. The PCS-Scorekeeper will be renamed the Telecom-ScoreKeeper to reflect expanded detail in new cellular carrier abstracts. (800) 788-8122.

Telecom Analysis Systems Inc. introduced the TAS CDMA-LAB test system to test Code Division Multiple Access base stations and mobile station equipment. CDMA-LAB meets test specifications for CDMA products including emulation of radio frequency propagation, carrier-to-noise and carrier-to-interference conditions. It also provides additional functions such as system control and configuration, RF power measurements and level control. The test system includes the TAS 4500 FLEX4 RF channel emulator, TAS 4600 noise and interference emulator and TASKIT and TASKIT software. (908) 544-8700.

Allgon Mobile AB announced its Base 2000 dual-band antenna which supports both cellular and personal communications services networks. Standing only 1 inch high, the body mounted base consists of two parts and is made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide. Base 2000 is a universal base with a family of whips for frequencies between 450 MHz and 200 MHz. (410) 472-7394.


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