A new Phantom low profile antenna was introduced by Antenex. The antenna has a wide bandwidth and low angle radiation pattern. It also has an element that reduces dropped calls and dead spots, the company said. It comes with Antenex’s standard NMO style mounting thread or with a threaded stud mount adapted from the marine antenna industry. (630) 351-9007.

Texas Instruments Inc. introduced a new two-chip solution that will enable original equipment manufacturers to develop messaging devices that conform to the FLEX messaging protocol. The new FLEX Chipset is targeted at alphanumeric pagers and other embedded wireless messaging applications. Motorola Inc.’s Paging Products Group was the first original equipment manufacturer to agree to build equipment with the new chipset. The chipset consists of a protocol decoder, a signal processor and a converter that converts the analog signal from the receiver into a digital signal for decoding. (800) 477-8924, extension 4500.

The Uniden San Diego Research and Development Center Inc. announced the first in its UniData line of Cellular Digital Packet Data-based products. The UniData 1000 is a self-contained wireless modem small enough for a variety of venues and flexible enough to allow a wide array of applications that can be customized by the user. The UniData 1000 will be targeted for vehicle location and tracking applications, as well as point of sale transaction processing, environmental monitoring, vending machine management and other telemetry applications. Customer trials are set to begin next month, with commercial product expected to be shipped in first quarter 1997. (619) 678-8700.

Dataradio Corp. and Motorola Inc. began shipping their RNET 96000S Radio Modem, the second in the “S” series of synthesizer products. The modem, which operates in the 450-470 MHz range, meets Dataradio’s new interoperability standard. Customers may program up to eight channels and download diagnostic data to an external system for further analysis. “The RNET 9600S meets the growing wireless market demand for a low cost, high speed and synthesized product and provides the designer and user with the needed information to monitor network quality,” said Bob Rouleau, president of Dataradio. (770) 392-0002.

Socket Communications Inc. has released its PageSoft Pro, a Windows software program that uses existing paging networks to deliver time-critical information from Windows desktop or notebook computers to mobile workers equipped with alphanumeric pagers or the Socket PageCard data pager. GTE Mobilnet Inc. is now offering Socket’s data pager with the new software in a package for customers who want to receive paged messages directly into a handheld computer or Windows notebook. “We have increased demand from our customers to provide more advanced paging services,” said C.C. Stephens, general manager of GTE Public Communications. PageSoft is available in a desktop and mobile configuration. The desktop version features a user interface that is based on familiar e-mail software and includes the ability to compose messages, maintain a directory of recipients and distribution groups and create a library of commonly used messages, said Socket. The mobile version of the software adds the ability to download messages from the PageCard data pager directly into the software’s inbox. Working in conjunction with the receive software, the PageSoft protocol makes it possible to compose messages longer than are possible with standard alphanumeric pagers, the company said. (800) 552-3300.

On Target Mapping has enhanced its PCSInfo and MSA/RSA area desktop solutions by adding demographic information to enable a more extensive graphical analysis of the wireless market. Users can analyze basic trading areas and metropolitan trading areas based on price per point of presence, household income, population density and other demographic variables. PCSInfo is a nationwide map boundary database of all personal communications services markets. (800) 700-MAPS.

Intellivoice Communications announced its EasyDial voice dialing system will be available through Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile’s EZ MAX service. EZ MAX bundles popular cellular features in an off-the-shelf package, including a micro-portable digital phone equipped with TalkDial, Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile’s service mark for EasyDial. EZ MAX will be available in the carrier’s New York and New Jersey markets. (800) 749-6501.

An upgrade to Big Island Communications Inc.’s YoYo computer telephony device will provide users with stand-alone paging, e-mail support and Centrex commands including call forwarding, three-way conference calling, call holding and call transfer. The device also features selection dialing-which allows users to dial within any application-stutter dialtone detection, out-of-area blocking and a host of new custom sounds that alert users in advance when a certain person is calling. The 1.5 software can be downloaded free at the Big Island Web site. Suggested retail price is $150. (800) 788-7751.

AMPSTAR, a compact, high-power base station, was introduced by 3dbm Inc. The AMPSTAR station offers up to 24 radio frequency channels in a 19-inch rack. It has power output of up to 35 watts per channel. AMPSTAR uses a miniaturized T1/E1 multiplexer with drop and insert capability allowing AMPSTAR stations to be connected over a single link. The cabinet has space for mobile telephone switches and other accessories including a satellite interface. (805) 445-4700.

Telecom Analysis Systems introduced the TAS 4500 FLEX4/GSM RF channel emulator, which the company calls the most advanced and integrated solution for performing Global System for Mobile communications transceiver testing. The new FLEX4 technology provides powerful multipath fading emulation based on the field proven, modular architecture of TAS RF channel emulators. The product meets the specifications for performing all GSM and GSM-DCS testing. It has built-in internal local oscillators and RF output antennuators. (908) 544-8700.

The Virtual Marketing Corp., an Internet marketing, telecommunications and networking company, introduced its proprietary wireless Internet technology called ViperLink. The company said the first application of the technology is in Louisville, Ky. ViperLink acts as an intelligent bridge and packet relay network that allows users to receive Internet access over their existing computer network. Virtual Marketing said the product provides Internet access speeds of up to 60 Mbps. ViperLink is wireless and needs no dedicated circuits, which increases redundancy, reliability, speed and performance, the company said. However, in order to use ViperLink, customers must be within six miles of one of the company’s Virtual Points of Presence. (502) 584-8800.


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