Flash Comm Inc. has named former Paging Network Inc. chief executive officer Terry Scott its president and CEO.

Flash Comm, headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., offers wireless two-way data communications nationwide. The company’s terrestrial system competes with both existing and emerging satellite systems.

“The potential market for two-way data communications in commercial and industrial applications is enormous,” Scott said. “Cellular and PCS providers are focused on large metropolitan markets, and satellite systems are only affordable to larger customers. Flash Comm provides affordable products and services with geographic coverage virtually anywhere in the continental U.S., and it does so at an investment level that will provide extraordinary returns to the shareholders.”

Scott joined PageNet in 1982, prior to the start of that company’s commercial operations. As chief financial officer, he was responsible for obtaining the necessary capital to support the company’s 50 percent annual growth rate. After Scott took over as president in February 1993, the size and annual revenues of the company more than doubled within two years, Flash Comm said.

“We wanted a CEO with a lot of experience managing in a high growth environment to optimize the value of Flash Comm’s unique data communication technology,” said J. Douglass Mullins, one of Flash Comm’s founding investors.

Nokia debuts fashion phones

Nokia Mobile Phones Inc. has introduced cellular phones with a flair for fashion.

Nokia is marketing a new designer line using its model 232 phone and has made the phone available in six varieties of colors and patterns, including raging red, indigo blue and green slate, the company said.

Nokia said it is meeting the consumer demand for cellular phones that are personable, stylish and unique. More than half of the cellular phones today are bought for personal use, the company said.


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