Reflection Technology Inc. said it has increased staffing in its engineering, marketing, finance and sales departments by 25 percent in anticipation of shipping its FaxView personal facsimile reader in this year’s third quarter. “With Reflection’s involvement in competitive markets such as interactive entertainment and wireless communications, the addition of experienced personnel to our business is crucial. We have seen a surge of business activity from our carrier partners and anticipate this growth to continue into 1996,” said Reflection’s President Allen Becker.

AirTouch Cellular said it is introducing it’s TalkAlong cellular telephone for $49.99 in Sacramento, Calif., where it will be available for purchase in a brightly designed box at retail outlets including Longs Drugstores, Virgin Megastore and other locations. “In the past, cellular phones have been viewed as an expensive executive tool. TalkAlong will change that perception dramatically,” said Bill Bowyer, AirTouch director of marketing and business development.

Bell Atlantic Mobile said it will begin marketing its services under the Cellular One brand name in Phoenix, Tucson and several other Arizona cities as well as Albuquerque and Las Cruces, N.M., and El Paso, Texas. “In a climate of increased competition and emerging communication technologies, Cellular One continues to grow as it expands into new markets, offering consumers the dependability of an established national brand and access to a sound communications service that is available here and now,” said Richard Lyons, executive director of Cellular One Group.

American Mobile Satellite Corp. has signed CruisePhone Inc. to become a value added service provider serving the maritime industry. CruisePhone signed a capacity contract for 5 million minutes on AMSC’s geostationary satellite-launched April 7-and will provide the installation, maintenance and service of mobile satellite telephone service to the cruise industry.

United States Cellular Corp. has signed a retail agreement to set up kiosks inside 80 Wal-Mart stores in 46 markets to sell cellular telephones and service. “People who shop at Wal-Mart know they’ll get a good product at a fair price and friendly service, too. Cellular will be no exception,” said Mike Rodsater, director of retail development for United States Cellular. The company said its trainers will be available to answer questions and shoppers will be able to select and pay for a variety of pre-programmed transportable and hand-held phones.

Bell Atlantic Corp. said it will offer on-premises wireless communications equipment that enables users to communicate from anywhere within a building or campus with pocket telephones, using the same number and extension as their desk phones. The offering uses SpectraLink Corp.’s Pocket Communications System, a wireless system that can serve as an adjunct to a business’s existing Centrex service network. The system uses non-cellular frequencies and requires no incremental airtime charges or monthly fees, the company said.


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