Personal Communications Technologies Ltd. announced a new patent-pending product to enhance the capabilities of portable cellular telephones. Porta-Boost transforms a low-power portable cellular phone into a full powered 3-watt transportable cellular telephone system. The product is manufactured from original equipment manufacturer parts and is presently in development for various manufacturers. (712) 252-3693.

Western Multiplex announced a new line of E1 spread spectrum digital microwave radios, the LYNX.cp2 and LYNX.cp6. The LYNX radios provide transparent full duplex communications for a full E1 data signal and minimize interference by reducing transmitter output power to meet different operating conditions. (415) 592-8832.

Decibel Products rolled out a line of base station antennas engineered exclusively for the complex radio frequency patterns of the new personal communications services. Decibel said it has designed and manufactured the new line of 10 base station antennas to span the licensed PCS spectrum. Decibel also designed a family of PCS antennas specifically for in-building coverage because a primary PCS application will increase wireless telecommunications inside structures that impede cellular RF signals. (216) 349-8400.

Photocomm, Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., released its Solar Electric Wireless Power Products catalog. The book features Photocomm’s line of solar electric power systems for cell sites, repeaters, fixed site phones and other wireless power applications. (800) 223-9580.

ORA Electronics is offering some of its portable cellular phone accessories to retailers in prepackaged 24-count, high-impact, counter/floor displays. Products offered include the Ultra High Capacity Rechargeable Battery, the Power Cord/Trickle Charger and the Refillable Battery Pack. The merchandisers include signage and stand 55 inches for the floor display or 15 inches for the counter display. (818) 772-2700.

Anritsu Wiltron Co. introduced the MG3670B digital modulation generator designed for testing mobile communications systems that use a variety of digital modulation techniques. Anritsu said the generator is dedicated to evaluating the receivers of products used in the expanding number of international digital communications services but is equally well suited to development and manufacturing applications. The MG3670B covers a frequency range of 300 kHz to 2.25 GHz and has enhanced abilities required for testing DECT systems operating at 1152 kilobits per second, the company said. The instrument’s adjacent-channel leakage power for Personal HandyPhone Systems has reportedly been reduced to -75 dB typical-the lowest of any digital modulation signal generator. (408) 776-8325.

Peninsula Wireless Communications has upgraded its RF-1500 microwave repeater from 1427 MHz to 1535 MHz. The new RF-1500E repeater has a new layout and a new amplifier. It also has automatic gain control and 1+1 frequency diversity, duplex configuration in one aluminum enclosure. Peninsula said the amplifiers are internally protected with any likely failures being “soft” with no loss of signal. The amplifiers are band sensitive and not frequency sensitive. This allows the spare amplifier to be used in any similar microwave repeater so the amplifiers can be changed in the field without interruption of service by using two spare amplifiers and an interconnect cable, Peninsula said. (408) 747-1900.

Bird Electronic Corp. introduced a handheld antenna tester for cellular and other 806-960 MHz services. The AT-800 display shows numeric measurements and high resolution graphic plots. The product is designed for mobile installers and base engineers. A serial interface and optional software can transfer stored measurements to a personal computer for storage and hard copy. (216) 248-1200.

The Antenna Co. introduced the K3 glass mount antenna system, available in two 3dB mast designs, the open coil and the new Quiet-1 enclosed coil. The patented Quiet-1 features wind silencing technology to channel air movement around the mast to virtually eliminate wind noise. Foot size is reduced by 30 percent in the K3s. Both antennas contain advanced micro-circuit technology. (800) 458-2820.

The data telemetry group at E.F. Johnson Co. developed the DL 3250 system, a wireless connection between traditional sensors and remote terminal units. The system works transparently between a host and one or more remote units, providing exact reproduction of analog sensor output via telemetry links. The modular system is capable of supporting a number of analog sensor formats. It communicates through any of E.F. Johnson’s data telemetry links. (612) 882-5500.

Mobile International is offering a new lightweight Cell on Wheels, weighing less than 14,000 pounds. It has an aluminum trailer with independent, all-terrain suspension, 20KW diesel generator, 100-foot self-erecting tower and an 8-foot by 12-foot aluminum equipment shelter. The Tulsa, Okla.-based company said users can transport the fully-contained site behind a one-ton truck. (800) 765-3043.


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