Alcatel has received approval from Satelindo PT. Satellite Palapa Indonesia to implement the second phase of its Global System for Mobile communications digital cellular infrastructure deployment plan, which will cover 18 major cities in Indonesia and offer a capacity of 130,000 mobile subscribers. The GSM network will provide a network subsystem, radio subsystems, billing and subscriber administration platforms and microwave transmission equipment. Satelindo, whose business encompasses digital cellular, satellite broadcasting and international gateway services, is wants to provide national coverage in Indonesia to manage the increasing demand for mobile telephone services over the coming years, the company said.

L.M. Ericsson has received an order to install a nationwide Global System for Mobile communications digital cellular network in Lebanon. It will be operated by the Lebanese company F.T.M.L. and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications. The network will be in operation by December, serving about 30,000 subscribers. Lebanon is one of the first Middle Eastern countries to implement GSM digital. Lebanese officials are modernizing telecommunications to build up the nation’s infrastructure, Ericsson said.

Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank, or DG Bank, has announced its intention to sell its 10.35 percent stake in Mannesmann Mobilfunk to Mannesmann AG of Dusseldorf and other partners in the consortium, which includes California-based AirTouch Communications and Cable & Wireless plc of London. The 10.35 percent will be dispersed as 6.45 percent to Mannesmann AG, 3.3 percent to AirTouch and 0.6 percent to Cable & Wireless, according to AirTouch. The acquisition is subject to approval by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, and the supervisory boards of DG Bank and Mannesmann AG.

Bison Data Corp. announced that it has signed an agreement with Consultora de Communicaciones, S.A. to distribute the DataMover line of wireless data communication systems in Argentina, which will allow CCSA to sell, install and maintain DataMover systems throughout the country. CCSA has a strong presence in the Argentine financial industry and extensive experience with wireless technology, the company said. CCSA is the service provider for several financial institutions in Argentina. Bison Data has supplied wireless data communication systems to several financial institutions.

Nokia Telecommunications has signed a contract with North-West GSM Co. to supply a global system for mobile communications network in St. Petersburg, Russia. Construction should begin this summer, with the system operational by the end of 1995. Nokia has also signed an agreement with Norwegian operator NetCom GSM to supply NetCom with approximately 150 base stations. NetCom has more than 25,000 subscribers. NetCom GSM of Norway is a joint venture between Ameritech, Singapore Telecom, Orkla and Tele2 Nornett of Norway, and Kinnevik of Sweden. Also, Nokia has signed up to provide transmission equipment and network management to United Communications Industry Public Co. Ltd. in Thailand.


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