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By 0 Analyst Angle: How much data is T-Mobile US giving away with Music Freedom?

When T-Mobile US made its announcement, the immediate question was “how much data are they giving away?” Obviously, music streaming services can use a lot of data in a day, depending on how many hours they are streaming.

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By 0 Analyst Angle: Sit. Browse. View.

As 4G smartphones and tablets become more prevalent, iGR has noted a change in consumer behavior – more people are likely to stay stationary while using the new devices. Contrast this behavior with the typical cellular users who, for the last 25 years or so, have moved-and-talked, usually while driving.

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By 0 Analyst Angle: The democratization of devices

Ever get a feeling of déjà vu? The longer I spend in the wireless industry (2012 will be 20 years), the more it seems that history repeats itself. This has become apparent recently as we have been looking at the developments in the smartphone market.

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