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Metro PCS says small size helps it create big value for money
Swype on track towards install base of a billion devices say CEO
Jersey Telecom touts its advantages to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
Jobs stay stable in Silicon Valley for skilled workers
Vodafone opens R&D facility in Silicon Valley
Qualcomm acquires video assets from IDT
GlobalFoundries and Samsung team up on power efficient mobile chips
Verizon and Intuit offer mobile credit card payment system to small businesses
Who will buy HP’s WebOS? A look at the main contenders
Apple iPad 3 production to begin in October
Nokia N8 tops shelf-share, knocking iPhone 4 from top spot
Nokia CEO says “I told you so” to Android partners
Google could still play for InterDigital’s patents
Motorola Mobility loses board member after Google bid
German court repeals pan-European ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales
Google’s bid for Motorola Mobility may face regulatory hurdles
Image manipulation could reverse Apple injunction in Samsung Galaxy case
Google’s bid for Motorola Mobility – a play for patents only?
Google to acquire Motorola for $12.5B
AT&T teams up with Juniper Networks on mobile security
Qualcomm’s VP says apps and cloud will change computing
Verizon opens Application Innovation Center in San Francisco
Cloud awareness high, most prepared to pay, says Funambol
Telecommunication jobs hold steady, demand for developers grows
Tech stocks slump amid double dip depression fears
Android “most closed project” claims Visionmobile report
Google opens up for international phone calling
Groupon and Foursquare team up on daily deals
Google snaps up 1000 IBM patents
Microsoft hits back at Google with Gmail man snoop video
Android and iOS see smartphone gains, take 67% market share
Google takes a mean swipe at Hotmail, recommends G-mail “intervention”
Lodsys tells Apple to stay out of patent infringement case
Samsung and Apple reap rewards from smart phone policy
Google rolls out tablet version of search page

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