Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei to provide 3G network to Ecuador’s CNT


Alcatel-Lucent signed an agreement with Ecuadorian Corporacion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones to extend the telecom providers network nationwide.

Alcatel-Lucent said it will provide a range of applications focused on the deployment of a new 3G mobile broadband network in Ecuador, including the access (RAN – remote access network), transport (radio backhaul) and backbone network, as well as aggregators for optical traffic, and all the services associated with the network, such as design, installation, operations, maintenance and optimization of the network.

As Alcatel-Lucent explained to RCR Wireless News, this will be a completely new W-CDMA, HSPA+ network that will coexist with CNT’s 2G network.

“It is also an LTE-ready network that could easily evolve to provision 4G services. We’re deploying the network in the Pacific and Southern area of the country. Huawei is building a network for other areas in the country,” Alcatel-Lucent said.

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Under the agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will design and deploy a complete end-to-end W-CDMA network, and will provide maintenance and network optimization services.

The new network is deigned to meet the rising demand for mobile broadband connectivity across the country, allowing CNT to offer its customers “converged” services.

According to CNT GM Cesar Regalado, the decision to deploy its own network was based on market needs, technology trends and a commitment to offer competitive services to Ecuadorians. He noted the ability to deliver differentiated voice, value added and mobile broadband Internet services, as well as converged packages from its fixed and mobile networks providing customers with a range of options.

CNT is currently the largest telecom provider in Ecuador, having formed through a merger in 2008 of Andinatel S.A. and Pacifictel S.A. CNT went public in early 2010, and later that year officially merged with mobile operator Telecsa (Alegro). CNT offers both fixed and mobile telephony and Internet services, as well as pay TV.

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