Mobile Scene mind map spreads to Houston, Dallas


Appconomy, an Austin-based app developer, is also about collaboration and helping companies find each other.
The company previously launched a ‘mobile mind map’ for Austin late last year, documenting the Central Texas mobile community in terms of companies, investors, media and support organizations and has now done the same for the cities of Dallas and Houston.

DFW Mobile Scene Mind Map

Dallas-Fort Worth Mobile Scene 'Mind Map'

The maps are made in the form of editable wikimaps, and are the first three that the creators made, with plans to manufacture more in the desire to document mobile scenes in the U.S. and across the globe. Steve Guengerich, founding shareholder and executive producer of Appconomy, is one of the head collaborators that designed the original map that split Austin’s mobile scene in easier to define categories, allowing viewers of the map to use it as a directory.

Groups on the mind map are divided into investors, accelerators/incubators, media, events, organizations and companies. As the largest category, companies are split into three other branches of software, hardware and app services providers. Ultimately, Guengerich says the goal of the map is to bring together a global ecosystem including the likes of Fortune 500 companies to the awareness of the mobile scene in Texas.

“We’ve seen a couple of informal collaborations,” said Guengerich. “We’re also planning for a events on issues in our industry that we don’t believe are being covered anywhere else.”

If your mobile company is not listed on the maps, the collaborators request a user add it after registering with the Mindmeister site and ask that users make sure to properly classify their company or organization.

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