Globys launches split-billing solution to separate business, personal phone use


Globys said it has launched Globys SplitView, an online application that allows businesses to separate their employees’ business calls from personal calls and invoice them accordingly. The tool could help wireless operators increase revenues because businesses would be more willing to let employees use business phones if they could separate and invoice personal calls.
“Through user-defined cost rules assigned at the organization, department, or individual level and based on any combination of time, location, usage type, and phone numbers, Globys SplitView enables employers to easily, and accurately, manage the usage of all of their employees. For example, with just a few clicks, a telecom manager can define the cost rules for the account management team. The manager may define personal charges as any data charges in excess of $20 per month, contact to anyone outside of client and corporate directories, and any weekend use. The solution’s automated technology then applies the cost rules each month and invoices are divided and distributed according to corporate and personal liabilities,” according to the company.
Globys SplitView features advanced capabilities in reporting, cost allocation and communications, integrating e-mail and SMS message systems as well as in-app communications to alert users of actions.

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