Aylus video-calling platform simplifies mobile video calls


BARCELONA, Spain—Aylus Networks Inc. used the Mobile World Congress show to unveil its video calling platform, which allows wireless operators and over-the-top content providers to offer video calling, as well as premium video-calling services.
“Today, more and more smart phones and other mobile devices come with front-facing cameras designed to enable video chatting or calling. However, video calling services are still limited to calls between particular devices and communities of interest on certain networks and they offer no quality of service or user experience guarantees, issues that are limiting video calling uptake. Aylus Video Calling is changing all of that,” the company said in a news release.
Aylus Video Calling enables a user to start with a voice call, either circuit-switched of Voice over IP, using any device that is cable of mobile video, and turn the call into a two-way video call. Users can switch back and forth between regular voice calling and video calling as they need it, said CEO Mark Edwards. Further, OTT providers and wireless operators can offer premium services over Aylus’ platform, including multiple-party calling, calling social-networking communities and between disparate devices.
Video calling has increased dramatically recently as Skype, Cisco with its WebEx offering and others implement video calling options. Video calling on mobile devices has been hampered by slow connections and device selection. However, mobile video is expected to account for the majority of network traffic as 4G networks become more mainstream. “We estimate that within five years 15% of all mobile voice calls will add video to their calls, representing over 150 billion minutes of video calling per year,” Edwards said. “As total revenues for the mobile industry surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2011, with $750 billion in voice calling, this is a huge revenue opportunity for the industry. Voice revenues are under pressure and declining due to competition and regulation. The industry needs to innovate and enrich communication sessions by adding new value-added services such as video calling, multi-way video calling, fixed-to-mobile video calling, video voice mail, and by connecting diverse communities of interest across different networks.”
The Aylus Media Platform optimizes video based on network traffic and device, the company said, giving the customer a more integrated experience. Privately held Aylus is venture capitalists Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.

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