Hedgehogging: hedge*hog*ging v. Interrupting conversations in an office environment by poking your head over the top of the cube.


Looks like it’s getting pretty safe to say the MVNO bubble has just about burst, or is at least losing air at an alarming rate. The most recent MVNO to hit the skids was Hispanic-focused operator Movida, which was acquired by APC Wireless. Movida joins such MVNO luminaries as Disney, ESPN and Amp’d Mobile as brands that could not find traction in the highly competitive wireless space (even though a number of analysts said it was ripe for MVNO competition). Of course, APC, which also picked up struggling MVNO Liberty Wireless, said it plans to continue the Movida operations, with an APC executive adding: “We’re just trying to salvage everything and keep everyone happy.” Keeping everyone happy might not be the best way to run a business, but it does bring back memories of contentious family gatherings. Good times.
Our friends at Fortress Technologies said they were selected to assist in the development and delivery of a “prototype mobile ad hoc wireless network for deployment in the wireless tactical battlespace.” The deployment is set to include a mesh network, which – thanks to the wireless tactical battlespace component – makes this the most awesome mesh network deployment of all time. Take heed wireless industry, if you are going to launch a mesh network it now has to compete in the wireless tactical battlespace to be relevant.
Stop us if you have heard this before: NextWave said it’s looking into selling its domestic spectrum holdings and has hired a pair of investment banking firms to gauge market interest. That’s right, fire up that flux-capacitor as we are going back in time. Unlike its previous incarnation as NextWave Telecom when it sold its 1.9 GHz spectrum to pay for said spectrum, NextWave Wireless (see the difference? Telecom. Wireless. Clear as day) is planning to sell its 1.7/2.1, 2.3 and 2.5 GHz spectrum holdings because it’s no longer central to its current business model. Are you still following us on this? Hello? McFly? Wake us when it’s 2008.

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