Compete unveils customer loyalty platform


BOSTON-Online predictive market research firm Compete Inc. unveiled its VoiceBox customer communications and loyalty platform, which the firm said is designed to help wireless carriers extend and deepen their customer relationships. The platform is a permission-based marketing tool that requires a customer to download a software client onto their personal computer that-with the customer’s permission-allows their online patterns to be tracked. Carriers then can notify the customer directly of special offers or other promotions related to the customer’s online activities or interests. Compete also explained that the platform can help wireless carriers cut down on customer churn by alerting them when a customer is showing interest in a competitor’s offerings. The carrier can send a message directly to the customers PC with incentives designed to keep the customer from churning. “Customers benefit from a richer customer experience, including special offers and streamlined service, while marketers will increase customer revenue and decrease customer defection,” Compete explained. Compete stressed that the customer can remove the client from their PC at any time and that any information gleaned from the platform is available only to the carrier offering the service.

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