E-commerce applications expected to be next big driver of wireless Internet


AUSTIN, Texas-Mobile e-commerce applications are expected to be the next driver of wireless Internet services, after e-mail, according to research by IntelliQuest, a marketing research firm.

Early adopters will be those interested in banking and financial transactions, the company said. The study was commissioned by Tantau Software Inc., a developer of mobile commerce software and solutions.

However, the study also unveiled several concerns about such solutions. Security was named the No. 1 misgiving among respondents. More than 80 percent of those responding to IntelliQuest’s survey said they would be less likely to use a wireless device for financial transactions if their security expectations were not met.

Choice was the other issue. The ability to choose which supplier they could to business with, such as a preferred bank or brokerage, was of grave import to 83 percent of respondents.

Finally, personalization ranked in as third in survey respondents’ minds.

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