Editor’s Note: The RCR research and editorial staffs have compiles this list of two-way mobile data operators based on survey responses and interviews with industry contacts. Ther chart is arranged alphabetically since many of the companies are just starting to offer mobile data service.

Although most cellular and specialized mobile radio carriers offer some type of circuit-switched mobile data, RCR has focused on those companies that have indicated a major commitment to mobile data.

Also note that the list excludes mobile satellite operators. Information on these providers of mobile data can be found in RCR’s Top 20 Mobile Satellite Operators feature (RCR, Sept. 5, 1994, p.12).

Mtel Nationwide Wireless Network is listed this year as Destineer Corp.

The RCR Top 20 Mobile Data Operators is the property of RCR Publications Inc. and should not be construed as an endorsement for the companies listed.

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