Microwave Networks Inc. said it has formed a joint marketing agreement with United Kingdom-based Westinghouse Electronics Ltd. The agreement positions the companies to respond jointly to proposals for large communications projects in the United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East, MNI said. Westinghouse will provide MNI products for microwave communications, as well as management, installation and technical services.

Spectrum Information Technologies Inc. announced it has entered into a license agreement with Charter Pacific Communications Pty Ltd. of Queensland, Australia, that allows Charter to use Spectrum’s technology in its modem products. Charter’s first product using Spectrum technology will be the Cellular Card, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association data-facsimile modem device. Spectrum has been actively seeking international coverage in most major industrialized countries as well as the heavily populated developing countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Geotek Communications Inc. has signed a definitive agreement with Anam Industrial Co. Ltd. and its U.S. affiliate, Amkor Electronics Inc., whereby the companies will invest $10 million in Geotek. Geotek will issue the companies nonredeemable preferred stock. Anam and Geotek announced earlier this year plans to cooperate in trunked mobile radio market in Asia.

L.M. Ericsson has signed an agreement with Ram Mobile Data USA L.P. to deliver and install an $8 million nationwide mobile data network for Belgium, based on Mobitex technology. It will be the first private national network in Belgium. Applications include computerized fleet control, automatic vehicle positioning, mobile airline check-in from laptop computers, and the ability to generate orders from the field.

MobiLink, a partnership of U.S. and Canadian cellular service providers, has completed its first phase of extensive automatic cellular call delivery service across the United States and Canada. Automatic call delivery allows cellular users outside their local service area to receive calls on their cellular phone simply by having the phone turned on. Users won’t have to dial activation codes or register their whereabouts. The second phase will extend automatic call delivery.

Motorola Inc.’s European Cellular Infrastructure Division will supply a Global System for Mobile communications digital cellular system to Lithuania, as specified in its contract awarded by Litcom. Phase one of the network, valued at $4 million, will provide coverage for Vilnius, Kaunus and major transport routes by March. Plans call for national coverage within two years.

The first call was made on a new Global System for Mobile communications network in China, using equipment provided by Nokia Telecommunications. The system is the country’s first mobile network to include enhanced services such as voice mail and short message service, Nokia said. Initially, the system will service 15,000 subscribers in Beijing. Nokia was contracted by the Beijing Telecommunications Administration in May to supply the network.

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