The Path to 5G Networks Feature Report

Feature Report 
The path to 5G mobile networks: Smooth sailing or speed bumps

This report will look at the current Global State of the Union of LTE as a baseline for discussion of VoLTE deployments. The topics that are helping and hindering VoLTE becoming more widespread will be covered along with interim generations of LTE on the path to 5G. Looking toward 5G, the report will cover the challenges with bringing 5G to market, the projected timelines to deployment and highlight innovation programs along the way. The telecom industry is approaching 5G differently then prior evolutions of mobile communications with a more collaborative approach and view toward monetization of end user priorities.

What you will learn:

  • Where the deployments are happening – level set
  • The state of VoLTE
  • Challenges to the market
  • 5G beginnings
  • Who are the innovators and why with examples

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