Texas Wireless Summit 2015 Livestream

Watch the entire playlist of the Texas Wireless Summit Livestream here:

Friday, October 16

Time: 8:30 AM CST – 8:45 AM
Title: Welcome and Introduction to TWS
Speakers: Jeff Andrews and Robert Heath, UT WNCG

Time: 8:45 AM CST – 9:00 AM
Title: The View to 5G
Speaker: Brian Modoff, Deutsche Bank

Time: 9:00 AM CST – 9:40 AM
Title: Morning Keynote: The Tactile Internet
Speaker: Gerhard Fettweis, TU Dresden

Time: 9:40 AM CST – 10:00 AM
Title: 5G, Will it solve Humanity’s Top 10 Problems?
Speaker: Farooq Khan, Samsung

Time: 10:30 AM CST – 10:50 AM
Title: Wearables in 5G
Speaker: Rashid Attar, Qualcomm

Time: 10:50 AM CST – 11:10 AM
Speaker: Gaurav Bansal, Toyota

Time: 11:10 AM CST – 12:30 PM
Title: Role of Unlicensed Spectrum in 5G
Jeff Andrews, UT WNCG
Arun Ghosh, AT&T Labs
Nihar Jindal, Google
Vinko Erceg, Broadcom
Mingxi Fan, Qualcomm

Time: 1:20 PM CST – 2:00 PM
Title: Afternoon Keynote
Speaker: Tom Marzetta, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs

Time: 2:00 PM CST – 2:20 PM
Title: Millimeter Wave for 5G
Speaker: Robert Heath, UT WNCG

Time: 2:20 PM CST – 2:40 PM
Speaker: Anthony Soong, Huawei

Time: 3:30 PM CST – 4:45 PM
Title: 5G Air Interfaces
Amitava Ghosh, Nokia
Mike Barrick, Anritsu
Charlie Zhang, Samsung
Eduardo Esteves, Qualcomm
Erik Dahlman, Ericsson