What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

A Virtual Private Cloud can help enterprises leverage public cloud economy of scale while keeping corporate data secure.

What is Zero Trust Network Access?

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is an information security approach that restricts user access to only what the user needs.

Network privacy concerns increase as COVID-19 forces remote work

Stealth Communications CEO: 'network privacy concerns amid remote work are being overlooked' As homes around the world increasingly become offices and classrooms as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the news has been awash with headlines detailing the impact of such a shift on our...

VPN traffic surging in response to increased telework

Virtual private network use is skyrocketing as remote workers and distance learners try to reach their corporate and educational networks from their homes, in the midst of the ongoing global pandemic. In recent weeks, VPN use around the world has surged, according to reports by...

Best VPN for Android 10 phones

  When you use your phone, you leave a trace on every website you visit, every video you watch, and every app you download. This digital footprint is the record of your activity. Over time, this footprint gets bigger and bigger until it starts to...

What you should and should not do when using a public Wi-Fi

  Nowadays, there is almost no coffee shop, restaurant, or public library that does not offer public Wi-Fi for its clients to check their emails, post on Instagram or browse for things on the Internet. While this is mostly perceived as good customer service, public...

AT&T makes SD-WAN available to more than 150 countries

AT&T extends hybrid networking options AT&T recently announced it is making its SD-WAN service available to over 150 countries and territories. AT&T originally deployed its platform, dubbed SD-WAN - Network Based, to select customers in the U.S. in 2017. The expansion of AT&T’s SD-WAN ought to...

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