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Vodafone provides connectivity for medical asset tracking

As much as one-third of medication is unusable by the time it is supposed to be taken as a result of poor storage of temperature-sensitive medicines due to insufficient supply chain management and failure of patients to correctly store prescriptions, according to a case...

Use cases and what to consider when using IoT for your supply chain

Unlike previous generations of passive sensors, the "internet of things" will allow a supply chain to control the external environment and execute decisions, according to the Gartner article Five Ways the Internet of Things Will Benefit the Supply Chain. With the IoT, sensor-embedded factory equipment can not only communicate data...

Smart factory: Robots make plastic spoon production faster than ever

A smart factory for spoons A company out of Belgium that designs and manufactures food packaging including plastic cups, mugs, plates and cutlery, deSter created a smart factory to cut cycle times, according to a case study provided by IoT-One. Its products are brought to the market as...

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