Mitto AG boss accused of secret phone surveillance

A report says Swiss telecom service provider Mitto AG's COO covertly sold surveillance access to customer phones using an SS7 exploit.

FCC committee warns of diameter signaling network vulnerabilities

Diameter signaling has similar vulnerabilities as SS7 Location tracking, interception of voice and text messages, denial of service and account fraud are all potential attack vectors associated with the Signaling System 7 protocol. And those same vulnerabilities can be applied to diameter signaling, according to...

2016 Predictions: Growing an industry of multiple devices and millions of users

Move towards multiple devices, million of users sets stage for significant growth Editor’s Note: With 2016 now upon us, RCR Wireless News has gathered predictions from leading industry analysts and executives on what they expect to see in the new year. Since Martin Cooper invented the...

Reader Forum: Signaling networks bring vulnerabilities

Exploring SS7 fraud, mobile network security and subscriber privacy It’s been a transformative year for mobile technology. Networks are evolving quickly and consumers and enterprises have taken advantage of the abundance of new, “connected” opportunities. However, with changes in mobile innovation and technology comes increasing...

Reader Forum: Traditional signaling service takes the connected world back to the future

If you were to talk to an average mobile phone user, “4G” LTE access and over-the-top applications would be at the top of the list in terms of what is required from the network operator and handset. We’ve heard for many years now that text messaging is...

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