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AT&T AR gives sports stats a new spin

The Chicago Bulls' United Center was AT&T's first 5G-connected NBA venue, with the technology making its on-court debut during last year's All Stars Weekend. Now, the carrier is playing up its augmented reality chops with a new AR capability called StatsZone within the Chicago...

Extreme Networks pitches Wi-Fi 6 as transformative for MLB fan experience

The 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) season kicks off in just a few days and this time around, 16 ballparks — beginning with Boston’s Fenway Park — will be outfitted with Extreme Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 solutions and analytics that will deliver improved in-stadium experiences...

Verizon: ‘Super Bowl fans saw an average 5G download speed of 817 Mbps’

Verizon invested more than $80 million to provide 5G, MEC to Super Bowl LV At this year’s Super Bowl, fans — both those at home and the few thousand lucky enough to be at the Raymond James Stadium — had the opportunity to experience the power...

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