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CTIA touts US carriers’ investment in spectral efficiency

A new report by CTIA delves into the ways in which U.S. carriers have tried to squeeze the most efficiency out of their wireless spectrum, while continuing the industry's perennial call for the government to make still more available. U.S. wireless providers increased their spectrum...

Increase Spectral Efficiency for Wireless Communications

A team of researchers from KU Leuven created a network of software defined radios that can simultaneously transmit and detect harmful interference using in-band full duplex technique which results in an ultra-efficient network with double the throughput. Read the case study and download the...

University of Bristol and Lund University Partner to Set World Records in 5G Wireless Spectral Efficiency

To address our rapidly approaching, hyper-connected future and the unprecedented demand on current 4G wireless networks, researchers at the University of Bristol and Lund University set out to test the feasibility of massive MIMO as a viable technology for 5G networks.   

Increasing spectral efficiency in the RAN by optimizing transmission in the core

A conversation about RAN optimization with Ofer Gottfried, CTO, Flash Networks Download a transcript of the interview and be the first to receive the Getting the best QoE report Policy is a crucial driver for operators to meet QoE targets, to allocate their existing network resources efficiently, and...

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