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Nokia telco SaaS targets network efficiency, home device management 

Nokia's new telco SaaS offerings target network efficiency, home device management and network anomaly detection.

Dell offers cyberattack recovery as a service

Dell is offering cyberattack recovery as a service for its Apex cloud service customers, and will add support for data warehousing Snowflake.

CSPs pivoting to SaaS will see 25% IT cost savings – report

CSPS pivoting to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can save reduce IT costs by 25% over 5 years, according to new research.

How is “Anything As A Service” changing telecom consumption models?

"Anything as a Service" or XaaS fundamentally changes enterprise telecom consumption, and gives operators an opportunity to iterate.

What is Anything as a Service (XaaS)?

XaaS, or anything as a service, is a category of cloud computing and remote access services delivered over the Internet.

What is XaaS and how is it changing the face of IT and business? (Reader Forum)

XaaS stands for Anything as a Service. After various technologies and innovations were connected through networks and converged to become productized, the word was coined. To deliver multiple services and reach clients, XaaS uses cloud computing rather than on-site local applications. It allows you to...

Cisco takes on shadow IT with saas solution

In many modern enterprises, busy employees use a mixture of internal, private cloud solutions and software platforms, while also casually using public cloud and software platforms. This internal use of systems not necessarily designed and built in-house is called shadow IT, and it can be...

#MWC15: Cisco execs look to Internet of Everything

Cisco: connected world driving business value BARCELONA, Spain – Networking infrastructure giant Cisco Systems made numerous major announcements at Mobile World Congress 2015, all dedicated to the theme of “transformation through innovation.” John Chambers, CEO and chairman of the board, contrasted the information era, which he...

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