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Qualcomm to buy Nuvia for $1.4b, with an eye toward next-gen computing

Qualcomm Technologies has agreed to buy high-performance silicon start-up Nuvia for about $1.4 billion, in a move that Qualcomm says will deliver "step-function improvements in CPU performance and power efficiency to meet the demands of next-generation 5G computing." Qualcomm has big plans for Nuvia's CPUs,...

Analyst Angle: Social network integration and pricing innovation

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our weekly feature, Analyst Angle. We’ve collected a group of the industry’s leading analysts to give their outlook on the hot topics in the wireless industry. Even with flattening growth rates and price pressure from increasing competition, voice is still a very...

Jive Software: Mobile to transform social business

Increased smartphone and tablet penetration is enhancing social business usage as people can communicate from wherever they are, according to social business system provider Jive Software. “There is a transformation going on, driven by mobile platforms,” said Tim Albright, senior business strategist and evangelist at...

Mobile and social to drive next cloud computing stage

Cloud computing services have transformed how enterprises buy technology and even how chief information officers (CIOs) deal with corporate demands. In Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, cloud computing (in general) appears to be past the peak of inflated expectations,  although in many countries,...

Finance and banking: 7 digital trends to watch

The digital revolution brought a lot of disruption to different economic, political and social sectors. No one can ignore the impact of social media, especially enterprises. In this new era, customer relations has become both easier and more complex. Customer relations are easier on the...

Rumor: Microsoft to purchase Yammer; could enhance enterprise social tools

Rumors indicate that Microsoft (MSFT) is in discussions to purchase Yammer, a provider of social networking software for businesses and institutions. Reports suggest the company is expected to pay $1.2 billion for Yammer. The move shows Microsoft could be looking to add more social and...

German state deems Facebook “Like” button illegal

Germany has a long, storied history of being both swift and overzealous in their enforcement of privacy and intellectual property laws. Today Germany's Independent Centre for Privacy Protection has issued a blanket ban on the Facebook Like button.

Google+ gets its game on

Google's latest service and social network du jour, Google+, has today had a major update to add games to its already-impressive repertoir.

Londoners rally to repair city with #RiotCleanUp hashtag

Most of the UK has been transfixed by the rioting and looting that has been taking over our capital for the past few days - with many of the media pointing the finger at Twitter and BBM. Today London's citizens showed that social media is indeed capable of organising large groups of people - but for the right reasons.

Millions hit in South Korean hack

BBC News | July 28, 2011 South Korea has blamed Chinese hackers for stealing data from 35 million accounts on a popular social network. Read the full article here via BBC News

Busy week: Twitter overhauls search, bolsters ad offering and adds content filter

We haven't heard much from Twitter recently. Facebook has been in the limelight for reasons both good and bad, and Google+ burst onto the scene to an overwhelmingly positive reception, but Twitter have been fairly quiet since announcing their photo-hosting service a few months ago.

LinkedIn launches ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button

Business-skewed social network LinkedIn today launched a new service which could become a key future revenue stream in the notoriously hard-to-monetise social space.

Google + reaches 20 million…plus

Market research firm comScore has released figures which claim Google + has shot past the 20 million visitor mark in just three weeks since its launch, seeing a whopping 82% visitor increase over last week and 561% over two weeks ago. US visitors made up...

Google+ attracts some big names, including Zuckerberg

Google's latest attempt stab at a social network, Google+, has proved to be quite the hit amongst the tech elite and casual users alike - so much so that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has joined to check out the competition, and is currently the most-followed user.

MySpace offloaded to advertising group for $30 million

Oh how the mighty have fallen. One-time king of the social networks, MySpace, has finally been sold by owner News Corp for a rather paltry (rumoured) $30 million to advertising firm Specific Media. The amount is less than a third of the $100 million News Corp were hoping to recoup with the sale of the iconic social network, which paved the way for current social supremo Facebook.

Cartoon of the day: Google+ vs. Facebook

With all the buzz (pun intended) around Google+ and people vying for invites left right and center, Google has had to close the flood gates, for one night at least, as it attempts to keep up with the "insane" demand for the new social networking service.

Buttons ahoy! Twitter launches “Follow”, Google’s +1 likely coming tomorrow

A recent phenomenon of the social web - aside from your parents commenting on drunk pictures of you on Facebook - is the smattering of buttons now adorning every website, from Justin Bieber fansites to CNN. These buttons allow you to share the information on the page with your friends or followers on the likes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any number of link aggregators.

Twitter to launch photo hosting service?

While all manner of cool new hardware is shown off in Taipei at Computex 2011, the Silicon Valley rumour mill keeps churning. This week's choice titbit is that eponymous social network Twitter is due to launch its own photo upload and sharing service imminently, potentially when CEO Dick Costolo takes the stage at the D9 conference on Wednesday.

Twitter acquires Tweetdeck to shore up ecosystem

Although we first heard about it a few weeks ago, today Twitter has gone official with their purchase of UK-based Tweetdeck, makers of the popular desktop social media client of the same name. The papers were finally signed yesterday, with Twitter reportedly paying between $40 million and $50 million in cash and stock.

Woman gets boned by media, Twitpic to blame

If you're a frequent users of Twitter, earlier this week you may have seen a couple of pictures of the shuttle launch doing the rounds from one Stefanie Gordon. She snapped the photos on her iPhone while on a Delta flight which just so happened to be passing by the Florida launch site. The pictures quickly went viral and have notched up around 650,000 views between them at the time of writing.

Chinese IPO: Renren

CNBC Insight on the Chinese social networking website making its initial public offering, with Joseph Chen, Renren chairman/CEO.

Spiceworks Raises $25 Million to Bring Integrated Commerce to World’s Largest Social Network of IT Buyers

Spiceworks | April 28, 2011 | Press Release Adams Street Partners and Tenaya Capital Lead Growth Investment Financing Round AUSTIN, Texas – April 28, 2011 – Spiceworks™, Inc. today announced it has closed a $25 million financing round with new investors Adams Street Partners and Tenaya Capital...

Tech 24: Facebook finds new 'friends' in Africa and Asia

Tech 24 | April 21, 2011 | Eric Olander With almost 700 million users, Facebook would have the world's third largest population if it was a country. Now the social networking site is heading south to find even more “friends”. This week on ‘Tech 24’,...

Tech 24: Facebook finds new ‘friends’ in Africa and Asia

Tech 24 | April 21, 2011 | Eric Olander With almost 700 million users, Facebook would have the world's third largest population if it was a country. Now the social networking site is heading south to find even more “friends”. This week on ‘Tech 24’,...

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