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Vodafone uses the IoT for mobile diabetes management

 With the deal, Vodafone’s customers will have access to Smart Meter’s iGlucose platform U.K. telecom group Vodafone is working with Smart Meter LLC., a mobile health services provider for diabetes management, to bring accessibility to its customers around the world. With this cooperation agreement, Vodafone’s customers...

How using IoT for testing toxins is improving water quality

Drinking water varies from place to place depending on the condition of the source from which it is drawn and the treatment it receives. No matter its origin, water must meet Environmental Protection Agency regulations. The traditional method of testing turbidity, pH and temperature is...

Sigfox to launch internet of things network in Singapore

In partnership with UnaBiz and Engie, internet of things network will be fully operational by early 2017 Sigfox, a French provider of global communications service for the “internet of things,” announced plans to deploy its dedicated IoT network in Singapore in partnership with IoT network...

EMEA: A few ways Europe is getting ‘smarter’

Smart solutions are being used for a range of projects in Europe, from the fantastical—like Van Gogh-inspired bike path in the Netherlands (above) to the very practical—smart meters, smoke detectors and trash cans. And it's not just single, separate projects, but broad, complex efforts to employ smart...

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