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BT picks AWS for cloudification

BT has picked AWS to help its ambitious digital transformation, with a particular attention to containers and serverless technology.

What is serverless computing?

Serverless Computing promises cost-effective cloud service delivery Serverless computing takes the guesswork out of managing cloud infrastructure. This lets app developers focus on writing code, not managing the servers the code runs on. Serverless computing promises more cost-effective management of the underlying hardware that enables...

Google unifies data lakes and warehouses with BigLake

Google promises to help enterprises get big data costs and security under control with BigLake, its BigQuery-based data lake storage system.

Joyent, LunchBadger partnership targets serverless multi-cloud market

Serverless multi-cloud market growth compels Joyent and LunchBadger partnership Joyent, a software and services company, and LunchBadger, a serverless microservices platform, recently announced they are teaming up to support multi-cloud serverless applications. Joyent is a subsidiary of Samsung, which was acquired by the company in 2016....

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