Anritsu Webinar: BBU Emulation – Saving Time, Saving Money, Avoiding Headaches

Cell site deployment is complex, costly and multi-staged. For RRH (Remote Radio Head) installation, there is typically an installation phase, and a completely separate turn-up phase when the BBUs (Baseband Units) are finally activated. However, a new process is emerging called BBU Emulation whereby...

BBU emulation streamlines cell site deployment

Verify installation, configuration and operation prior to commissioning with virtual baseband unit In the tower industry, it’s important to get the job done right the first time. Unanticipated truck rolls and tower climbs drive up opex, which in a capital expenditure heavy business, can hurt...

How does RFoCPRI capability simplify cell-site maintenance?

Interference in cellular networks is one of the most common problems in the radio access network (RAN). As demand for cellular data continues to grow, causing proliferation of RF spectrum and amplifying RAN interference issues, managing user QoE will continue to be a big...

Cell Tower News: AT&T, Verizon sue over tower placement

AT&T, Verizon get litigious over towers The biggest wireless companies in the world are taking small towns and businesses to court on a seemingly increasing basis. It has all the makings of "David vs. Goliath" archetypes, but in this day and age does David have powerful...

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