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What is a service level agreement and what’s the SLA place in IoT

Defining SLA and examples of its coverage A service level agreement is a contract between the provider of a service and its internal or external end-user or customer that defines what services the provider will offer and the level of performance it must meet as...

The elements required for IoT and a 5G network

DALLAS–Prabhakar Chitrapu, lead member of the technical staff for small cell platforms at AT&T, gave a presentation on the road to a 5G network as part of a workshop titled Small Cell [email protected]: The Path to 5G Workshop at SCWS 2016. He mapped out some...

How to rapidly deploy an LPWA network for IoT

LPWA: low cost, fast expansion DALLAS – Dave Kjendal, CTO and VP of engineering at low-power wide-area network provider Senet, gave a talk titled “Enabling rapid IoT network deployment to capture market share” at this year's LPWA Americas conference. Low cost is the single most important...

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