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Vodafone to migrate systems to Oracle’s dedicated cloud platform

Oracle will deploy dedicated cloud regions in Vodafone's main data centers that manage its European IT and network operations Vodafone is accelerating its transition to the cloud with the migration of several of its systems to Oracle’s managed cloud region called Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer (DRCC). The...

Public cloud vs. private cloud – what’s best for telco cloud workloads?

Telco clouds were always private clouds. But a new generation of hyperscale-adjacent telecom services blur the lines.

Public cloud vs. private cloud: Understanding the difference

“Public cloud” is cloud computing delivered via the Internet; “private cloud” is cloud computing for a single client.

Comparing public, private and hybrid clouds

Three different models Nearly everyone uses the cloud, but not everyone uses the same type of cloud. There are in fact three different cloud models, including public, private and hybrid clouds. To help determine which cloud best suits your company’s needs, the following explores how...

Five challenges of cloud migration

The migraines of migration Enterprises have taken fondly to the cloud for its scalability, cost-efficiency and flexibility. According to a Forrester Research survey consisting of 1,000 tech decision makers for North American and European enterprise infrastructure, 38% said they were building private clouds, 32% said...

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