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NXP and Nokia on the key to 5G power efficiency: Integration and reduced radio size, weight

When it comes to reducing power consumption of the radio, NXP and Nokia agree that radio size and weight are paramount Back in 2018, NXP Semiconductors and Nokia — along with other partners — received the CATRENE innovation award for developing highly integrated and energy-efficient...

Ericsson and PowerLight use optical beaming for wireless powered 5G base station

The demonstration used an Ericsson wireless 5G base station and laser technology to transmit hundreds of watts through the air Ericsson and PowerLight demonstrated what they claimed to be the world’s first wirelessly powered 5G base station in Seattle. The base station was “completely powerless”...

Q&A with Qualcomm engineer: Designing 5G technologies with power efficiency in mind

Qualcomm's Principal Systems Engineer: 'Power efficiency is necessary for 5G mobile technologies' Power efficiency will prove vital in a 5G world as more applications and use cases are enabled by this advanced technology, increasing data rates and, subsequently, increasing power consumption. Qualcomm's Principal Systems Engineer Dr....

Wireless evolution depends on dense, future-looking fiber networks

Fiber networks require a public-private partnership approach to be economically viable ORLANDO--Smart buildings turning urban cores into smart cities filled with autonomous cars and drones, and ubiquitous, high seed, low latency networks supporting the needs of consumers, enterprises and the seemingly endless growth of the...

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