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The Indoor Coverage Hardware Challenge – Hype vs. Reality

  There are many reasons why in-building cellular coverage can be challenging. The placement of cell towers, geographical terrain, or building materials can all play a role in poor in-building coverage. Even where there is a proliferation of cellular towers, there can be topographic or...

FCC opens up rules governing signal boosters

Rule change applies to "provider-specific" signal boosters Cellular signal boosters provide a real benefit for both consumer and enterprise users; but some of the systems, which capture, amplify and distribute carrier frequencies generally to solve for in-building coverage issues, can interfere with macro service provider...

Cellular service is crucial, but not all amplifiers are created equal

In today’s hyper-connected world, we rely on consistent cellular service in both our personal and professional lives. The use of cellular technology allows us to work remotely and stay connected on the go. Yet, despite widespread use of cellular technology, unreliable service with dropped calls...

SureCall White Paper: Passive DAS is an Affordable Alternative to Many DAS Installations

Active DAS covers very large areas, but this is often at high cost and installation complexity. Because of the combined  cost and lengthy installation times, many organizations decide not to proceed with their active DAS installations. Of the lost jobs, eight out of ten...

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