Operator cooperation, new ecosystem is key to ending messaging disintermediation (Reader Forum)

Since the first text message was sent in 1992, messaging as a method of communication has exploded in popularity. Free unlimited texting was incorporated into the majority of mobile operator packages in the 2000s, and by 2008 the number of texts being sent in a month passed the number of phone calls in the United States. For many years, messaging represented a steady revenue source for...

Tyntec proposes new framework for global messaging ecosystem

Tyntec announces way to bridge P2P and A2P messaging over short codes Tyntec, a global cloud communications company, announced today a new proposal to build a framework in North America that bridges the gap between person-to-person messaging (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P) messaging over short codes. The...

Tyntec: App-to-person SMS is on the rise

If you’ve used text messages from Facebook or Google to authenticate your account information, you’ve used application-to-person messaging – and a recent survey from Mobilesquared shows that such usage is on the rise, even as traditional text messaging use declines in favor of over-the-top...

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