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Verizon delivers best wireless network quality according to users, says study

Higher uses of Wi-Fi calling improves user perception of wireless network performance A recent J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study found that higher uses of Wi-Fi calling improves user perception of wireless network performance. According to the study, the 42% of wireless...

What ‘power users’ tell us about the 5G future

Who are the users most likely to be early 5G adopters, and what do they expect 5G to do for them? According to new data from RootMetrics, there is a subset of highly connected, mobile-dependent users who expect 5G to have a substantial and positive...

Reader Forum: Sell the (quality of network) experience

If you were caught in a crisis situation, which would you rather have: Access to voice services on your smartphone or access to data? According to new global research commissioned by Amdocs and conducted by Hot Telecom, data wins out with a solid 55%...

Data use driving network issues, J.D. Power finds

Increasing use of mobile data service is driving wireless network service issues, according to the latest network quality survey by J.D. Power. The report also crowned Verizon Wireless as the operator with the best overall network performance. Since 2014, the occurrence of data-related errors has been steadily...

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