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Analyst Angle: Apple iOS has two search problems — email and messenger

Apple needs to improve Email search and add search to Messenger. Quick and effective Search in Email and Messenger will enable users to be more productive when using these apps. Apple's iOS operating system for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad is certainly easy...

Analyst Angle: Fetch-It—Taking on personal information management

This new iOS mobile app enables you to store and then easily retrieve all of your personal information including frequent flier accounts, bank accounts, credit card accounts, online accounts and most any other important personal information.  Were you ever in a situation where you needed...

Analyst Angle: How Microsoft can speed up search in Outlook

  Outlook search presently reviews all the email in the designated mailbox or folder(s). It would search much faster if they just looked at a few desired occurrences first before going off and searching through entire folders. When folders get big, searching can take substantial...

Analyst Angle: Why CES should become CTS and other reflections

  Let me declare right up front: I didn’t attend this year’s International CES in Las Vegas primarily due to my wife and I having to attend an important family event in New York. Even though I didn’t attend in person, I have some important...

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