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Rising COVID scams and malware protection for mobile operators. And a point on connectivity (Reader Forum)

In just a matter of months, the world has shifted itself indoors. In so doing, we have grown reliant on digital means for work and leisure. For mobile operators, it has been a busy time ramping up and responding to user demand in order...

Analyst Angle: Will 5G result in more or fewer mobile infrastructure radio vendors?

  With commercial 5G radios targeting mobile applications being a probable reality by 4Q18, both new entrants and existing vendors are ramping up their R&D efforts in the hope of capitalizing on the impending shift from 4G to 5G. Ambitions are high not only because...

Reader Forum: 4 key benefits of mobile operator agility

We hear a lot about agility in our industry. In my position, I’m fortunate enough to have the chance to meet with leaders at some of the world’s biggest mobile operators. When I meet with them, the challenge they always share is the same:...

LG Uplus demonstrates LTE-U network

Operator aims to achieve data transmission speeds of 750 Mbps South Korean mobile operator LG Uplus has carried out the first demonstration of LTE in unlicensed spectrum in the country. The telecom firm said that LTE-U technology, which works with the 5.8 GHz unlicensed spectrum, is...

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