What is mTRP for eMBB?

mTRP for eMBB is a MIMO technique that will help 5G mmWave deployments deliver predictable 5G broadband service at scale.

Fujitsu joins Evenstar O-RAN project

Fujitsu Network Communications' 5G mMIMO Radio Units are coming to the Telecom Infra Project and Meta's Evenstar O-RAN program.

KMW White Paper: C-band 64TRx 640W 25kg mMIMO Hardware Ready

Massive MIMO technology has been deployed for capacity improvement as the 5G NR system. However, in the aspect of coverage expansion, there has been no satisfactory solution so far. KMW applies the Modular Architecture technology to develop the mMIMO RU (64TRx, 640W, 25kg) with the...

5G NR: Massive MIMO and Beamforming – What does it mean and how can I measure it in the field?

  Massive MIMO (mMIMO) and beamforming are buzzwords widely used in the telecom industry when referring to 5G and latest advancements of LTE. The challenge is that MIMO comes in many different variants, some of them having been in use already for years in legacy...

LTE exhaust and making the 5G call: winners & losers (Reality Check)

  The most important decision operators need to make in 2018 is how aggressive and in what direction they should take 5G over the next 2-3 years. The challenge is that spend needs to be aligned with value as best as possible. One way to...

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