Test and Measurement: Labs gear up for MIMO OTA testing

As testing labs prepare for the new SISO and MIMO OTA testing standards from CTIA, PCTest Engineering Laboratory said it is expandings its capabilities in those areas with a MIMO OTA testing solution from Spirent Communications. Spirent's solution is also going to be used by...

Top 6 things to know about CTIA’s OTA MIMO testing

CTIA has a well-respected device testing and certification program, with 110 certified labs around the world – of which 75 are authorized to perform its over-the-air testing for device performance. The industry group has been developing OTA test plans since 2001 for devices with...

Test and measurement: Advancing MIMO OTA testing

Anritsu and Emite said they have achieved successful, repeatable MIMO over-the-air testing for carrier aggregation that utilized a reverberation chamber and tested 2x2 MIMO with isotropic urban-macro fading profiles in tests performed for an unnamed "leading U.S. carrier." Emite's reverberation chamber was used, along with...

Test and Measurement: Anite to work with China on advanced MIMO OTA testing

Anite signed an agreement to develop advanced multiple-input/multiple-output over-the-air testing approaches with China Telecommunication Technology Labs-Terminals, which is overseen by the China Academy of Telecommunication Research. Anite's Propsim channel emulators are set to be used for developing MIMO OTA testing to help device original equipment...

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