The Sunday Brief: Programming tomorrow’s network

Holiday greetings from sunny and mild Lake Norman, North Carolina (sunrise shown – unaltered photo).  There are a lot of follow-ups to cover, and, if reports are true, there may even be a settlement between the Attorneys General and T-Mobile/ Deutsche Telekom/ Sprint/ Softbank...

T-Mobile US deploys DAS solution for St. Louis’ MetroLink system

Components for T-Mobile US’ DAS were installed at six MetroLink stations to boost cellular signals in tunnels in downtown St. Louis Metropolitan St. Louis Transit Agency (Metro Transit) has partnered with T-Mobile US to install wireless equipment inside metro tunnels to provide voice and high-speed...

Kagan: AT&T wins 9th consecutive J.D. Power award

Once again, J.D. Power just announced their award for wireless purchase experience, and, once again, for the 9th consecutive time, AT&T Mobility wins. Also, MetroPCS wins for non-contract, full-service carriers and Consumer Cellular wins for non-contract value carriers. And, at the same time, AT&T debuted...

Cell Tower News: Death, destruction and obsolescence

Cell towers becoming obsolete? CNBC spoke with the founder of Parallel Wireless at the Founders Forum Smart Nation Singapore conference, who informed the major media outlet that he believes cell towers will soon become obsolete. He believes that individual cellphones will become the cell tower...

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