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Ericsson and PowerLight use optical beaming for wireless powered 5G base station

The demonstration used an Ericsson wireless 5G base station and laser technology to transmit hundreds of watts through the air Ericsson and PowerLight demonstrated what they claimed to be the world’s first wirelessly powered 5G base station in Seattle. The base station was “completely powerless”...

AOptix laser-radio technology connects underserved markets

AOptix solutions provide ultra-high-capacity wireless communications through the use of laser-radio technology, which the company invented. LRT integrates free space optics with millimeter wave radio frequency technology, allowing for carrier-grade performance with 2Gbps throughput capacity to be supported for up to 10 kilometers. Initially developed and...

Michael Klayko named new AOptix CEO

AOptix uses lasers for wireless communications Michael Klayko, former CEO of Brocade Communications Systems, was tapped as new CEO of California-based AOptix Technologies. AOptix uses laser radio technology to support high-capacity wireless data transport. “AOptix’s highly differentiated product offerings have positioned the company to revolutionize the wireless...

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