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Editorial Report: IoT devices for the enterprise – The key roles of design, testing and security

IoT devices aimed at the enterprise space serve a wide variety of purposes and must designed, tested and deployed in ways that address the unique needs of businesses. Unlike large-scale, consumer-oriented IoT offerings, enterprise IoT devices must be differentiated to serve specific industry needs as...

Analyst Angle: Robotics at CES — not there yet

  The year kicked off, as usual, with the big CES show in Las Vegas. Some of the hot trends on display this year were AI, IoT, and Robotics. And while overall, the progress shown at CES is quite impressive, it seems like most of...

Analyst Angle: Tips for working MWC 2018 and how to start planning

Everybody's situation is different, and goals for MWC vary widely. This is my rough suggestions for people like me, who are senior executives attending MWC in a free-form individual manner. Obviously, for some execs, their conference plan is fully arranged for them. This is...

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