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Joyent, LunchBadger partnership targets serverless multi-cloud market

Serverless multi-cloud market growth compels Joyent and LunchBadger partnership Joyent, a software and services company, and LunchBadger, a serverless microservices platform, recently announced they are teaming up to support multi-cloud serverless applications. Joyent is a subsidiary of Samsung, which was acquired by the company in 2016....

Analyst Angle: Samsung acquisition of Joyent will form the basis for cloud services

Samsung announced plans to acquire cloud services provider Joyent in a move that sets the equipment maker up to be a player in the cloud space Samsung will become the largest user of Joyent’s cloud services. Soon, Samsung will be able to provide similar services...

Looking to boost cloud services, Samsung to acquire Joyent

Samsung today announced it will acquire U.S.-based public and private cloud service provider Joyent to support its "growing lineup of mobile, 'internet of things' and cloud-based software and services," according to the Korean company. Neither company has revealed any financial details of the acquisition. Joyent, founded...

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