Understanding And Solving The 5G Skills Gap With Dr. Rikin Thakker

The skills gap in the wireless industry still exists and is becoming wider with the rollout of 5G. In this episode, Carrie Charles interviews Dr.Rikin Thakker, CTO of The Wireless Infrastructure Association.   They discuss workforce challenges and the new solutions and programs that will bring...

5G technologies will broaden attack surfaces (Reader Forum)

The arrival of 5G, with significantly faster speeds, increased capacity and lower latency, will change existing operating environments. However, these benefits will come at the expense of an exponential growth of attack surfaces. The 5G-enabled devices and networks that underpin society will be compromised...

Ericsson, Apple suit prompts international probe

ITC to look into Ericsson vs. Apple patent infringement The Ericsson vs. Apple battle escalated again with the agreement by the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate Ericsson's claims that the iPhone maker infringed on its LTE technology patents. The companies have been at odds since the...

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