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Ericsson suspends business in Russia ‘indefinitely’

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine in an internationally condemned act of aggression Following international sanctions, Ericsson announced that it has halted operations in Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine. The pause, said the vendor, will last “indefinitely.” In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine...

Well, technically… 5G has been one big, international fight: Internet Consultant Dominique Lazanski (Ep. 41)

This week, I'm joined by Dominique Lazanski, a consultant who deals mostly in international Internet governance and cybersecurity policy. Dominique talks about China's push to create a less centralized global internet based on native products that reflect China’s policy agenda, and critically, where 5G...

Reader Forum: 6 shocking things you need to know before buying an international SIM card

Editor’s Note: In an attempt to broaden our interaction with our readers we have created this Reader Forum for those with something meaningful to say to the wireless industry. We want to keep this as open as possible, but we maintain some editorial control...

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