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Ericsson and Magyar Telekom deliver 5G to Hungary

The new 5G network in Hungary uses the spectrum in the 3.6 GHz frequency range Last week, Magyar Telekom and Ericsson officially brought 5G to Hungary, launching intial services in parts of Budapest, the town of Zalaegerszeg and Magyar Telekom’s headquarters in Könyves Kálmán körút....

Vodafone’s $21.8bn Liberty deal sets it up as European multi-play champ

British telecoms group Vodafone finally completes €18.4 billion ($21.8bn) monster deal for Liberty Global cable and broadband assets in Germany and eastern Europe to complete its decade-long journey from mobile-only carrier to the region's multi-play champ. Vodafone has struck a deal to purchase Liberty Global’s...

EMEA: Hungarians protest Internet tax with mobile phones raised high

The mobile phone became a sign of protest this week as tens of thousands of Hungarians raised their lit-up smartphones in the air as they marched against the world's first Internet tax. The Hungarian government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban planned to implement a 150...

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