5G broadband goes to the stratosphere

Stratospheric Systems demonstrated its 5G High Altitude Platform (HAP), yielding 90 Mbps download speeds from 45,000 feet.

Softbank buys Loon’s HAPS patents

Loon's work on stratosphere-based communications will live on through Softbank, HAPSMobile In the wake of Alphabet winding down its stratospheric communications initiative, Loon, Softbank and its HAPSMobile subsidiary are picking up some of Loon's high-altitude platform intellectual property. Softbank says that it has acquired about...

DT-backed 5G sky-network to launch – offering country-wide 5G with 60 masts, no rents

Could 5G networks in the future be fixed in the sky, aboard fleets of hydrogen-powered aircraft, instead of being fixed to masts and buildings with expensive rents? This is a vision for network operator Deutsche Telekom, which has backed UK-based startup Stratospheric Platforms Limited...

Loon balloon sets record: 312 days in stratospheric flight

Loon balloon provided test service for three months, then tested the limits of flight duration Loon balloon HBAL703 accomplished something that none of its silvery, high-flying compatriots have: 312 days soaring in Earth's stratosphere. HBAL703 launched from Puerto Rico in May of 2019, navigated to Peru,...

Amazon gets FCC go-ahead to launch Kuiper broadband satellites

Amazon has permission from the Federal Communications Commission to move ahead with launching a geostationary satellite constellation of more than 3,200 satellites, to provide fixed and mobile broadband services in the continental U.S. and other global locations. Dubbed Kuiper, the satellites will operate in portions...

HAPS partners aim high for a ‘rare, untapped commercial opportunity’

HAPS Alliance includes Ericsson, Nokia, SoftBank, DT, Telefonica, China Telecom, Bharti Airtel and Loon, among others A coalition of companies are aiming for the stratosphere as a "multi-billion dollar market opportunity" in telecommunications, planetary observation and weather prediction and modeling—including five traditionally terrestrial cellular network...

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